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Get started by using a shelf company that already has all important elements in place for a succesful business.

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Bank account support

Also for non-residents looking to start a GmbH or UG in Germany, we can help you open a bank account. Our team will guide you through the process and advise you on the best banking options available.

reasons to buy a ready-made company

Profit from several advantages over the traditional process of company registration. Foremost, buying a shelf company in general saves time and stress caused inside the formation period. When you purchase a ready-made company, your company can start operating immediately following the signature.

why does it takes so long in Germany?

In Germany, the process of registering a company (GmbH, UG) can take up to three months. This is due to the fact that there are three institutions involved: the notary, the trade register, and the tax authority. The institutions do not work in parallel, and the process can be slowed down by the shortage of skilled labor in Germany. After the notary sends all documents to the trade register, it takes time for them to complete the registration. Following registration, paperwork must be submitted to the tax authority to obtain a tax number. To avoid this lengthy process, you can buy a ready-made. Ready-made companies are complete with a bank account, first-rate support, and are free from liabilities. Buying a ready-made company may have a higher purchase price, but it can save a lot of costs by eliminating time and expenses of multiple trips to Germany.


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What You Should Know

before buying a ready-made GmbH

Do you offer the option of a local director for a ready-made GmbH?2023-03-30T14:25:45+00:00

No, although we know this is common and even mandatory in some countries.

Can we modify the fields of activity for a ready-made GmbH?2023-03-30T14:25:28+00:00

We can make the necessary changes during the notary appointment. The notary will then submit the alterations to the trade register.

Can I purchase a ready-made GmbH at the German embassy in my country?2023-03-30T14:25:04+00:00

While possible, we strongly recommend that our clients come to Germany. This is because obtaining a bank account can be challenging without our local contacts at certain banks, often requiring the director to be present in person.

Are there any additional costs for the ready-made company?2023-03-15T19:55:53+00:00

The additional costs are 700-1,300 € for the notary, and a 200 € fee for the trade register change. If you would like to keep the office address, we offer a well-serviced location for 120 € per month.

Is the monthly accounting sent to the authorities?2023-03-15T19:44:55+00:00

Yes, for all our companies the monthly reports are done until you buy the company.

Do you have companies with a financial history?2023-03-15T19:43:56+00:00

Yes, we have a strong network of active companies that are selling their subsidiaries. These companies usually have a turnover history. Keep in mind that these GmbHs/UGs are more expensive and you will be responsible for upcoming costs based on already active contracts (e.g. mobile plans, website hosting).

If the company is older than a year – are the annual financial statements are done?2023-03-15T19:41:16+00:00

That varies from company to company. We will always inform you about the reporting state of the company.

How long does it take to prepare the purchase a ready-made company?2023-03-15T19:25:10+00:00

The lead time for purchasing a ready-made company is typically about 1-3 days. Please ask us about the current available timeslots.

What documents do i need to buy a German ready-made GmbH?2023-03-15T19:23:24+00:00

To prepare the purchase of a ready-made GmbH, you will need:

  1. Identity card or passport copy
  2. Fields of activity
  3. Any additional extras you wish to have

for the notary and bank appointments you will need to have the original documents with you.

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